Andon Studio is a powerful request management software solution that works to optimize your operations. This solution, depending on your process, features an intuitive annunciator and incorporates advanced features for efficient documentation

  • A request is initiated manually by the operator or automatically triggered by a condition set in the system.
  • The system activates a specific process for each application.
  • The process evolves according to resources or system interventions within the allotted time.
  • When there is a failure to meet deadlines or conditions, the system reacts according to a predefined logic.
  • All actions and events are recorded and the duration of the interventions are complied to provide tracking and detailed reports.
  • Reduce equipment downtime and start-up delays
  • Monitor wait times
  • Improve internal communication with a centralized graphic display
  • Access to improved tracking
  • Quickly and easily produce reports and documents
  • Efficiently organize resources
  • Optimize work processes

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The system is installed on touch pads to allow operators to easily initiate requests. A touch pad can be used for more than one workstation.

Moreover, several workflow requests can be started simultaneously. For instance: call a supervisor and a support technician. For each type of request, the controls illuminate according to the workflow.

Centralized Display

Ongoing requests are displayed on a centralized screen to offer a better view on operations.

If needed, several screens can display exactly the same image. The display works with standard or industrial computer screens.

The application uses symbols to provide a more intuitive interface. If text is needed, it is always displayed in multilingual.

For each workstation, the system permanently displays :

  • Workstation identification
  • Time elapsed since the beginning of the request
  • Current step of the selected process

Customized Display

Through a web application, the supervisor can define the messages to be displayed on centralized screens:

  • Permanently
  • During a predefined time period
  • According to a specific state

Typical process for request management

Advanced Call Management

Andon Studio offers advanced features to manage calls:

  • On-duty hours management
  • Automatically escalates requests in non-conformance of predefined conditions
  • Call results monitoring
  • Data can be sent using email, SMS, mobile phone, etc.

Comprehensive Reporting

The system generates preconfigured reports that compile the following information:

  • Request response time
  • Detailed intervention time per workstation, per shift, per position, etc.
  • Total intervention time
  • Statistics on the escalation of requests
  • Number of requests per station and nature of requests according to the day of the week, shift, time, etc.
  • Users can also create customized reports.

Automatic Triggering of Calls

Any available signal (through OPC or other) can initiate a request; for instance: a failure, a paper jam, a lack of material, etc.

And More!
  • The system supports the majority of communication protocols
  • Open technologies: PC, Windows, OPC, SQL, BacNet, etc.
  • Interconnect with external systems (PLC, maintenance management, production management, ERP, etc.)