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The Best All-in-One Tool to Train Future Technicians and Engineers on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical and PLC Systems Through Simulation

The Tool of Choice to Create, Simulate, Animate and Troubleshoot Circuits!

For over 30 years, Automation Studio™ has proven its strength in technical and engineering educational institutions worldwide by helping students better understand the behaviour and interaction of technologies with an intuitive visual learning approach before moving on to the hands-on experience.

Electrical Circuit Creation & Simulation AC/DC, Motor Control
Relay Logic

PLC Circuit Creation & Simulation
Allen BradleyTM, SiemensTM,
3D Virtual Systems

Circuit Creation & Simulation

Hydraulic Circuit Creation & Simulation
Proportional Hydraulics

Automation Studio Educational hydraulics

Sequential Function Chart(SFC) Circuit Creation & Simulation
Structured Text

Automation Studio Educational Grafcet SFC

Digital Electronics
Circuit Creation & Simulation
Logic Gates


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