Famic Technologies Inc. welcomes an intern from Politecnico di Torino, in collaboration with École de technologie supérieure of Montreal.

Montreal, Canada – June 1st, 2024

Famic Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the commencement of an exciting internship program in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). This initiative marks a significant step forward in fostering international cooperation and talent development in the engineering field.

Famic Technologies Inc. has opened its doors to a talented student from Politecnico di Torino, who will be joining their team for an enriching internship experience. This collaboration aims to provide the student with hands-on exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities within the organization.

Demonstrating the FMEA capabilities of Automation Studio™ 8.0 at OTC 2024!

(Montreal, Canada, March 20th, 2024)

Famic Technologies Inc., creator of the renowned all-in-one software solution for industrial system design and simulation, Automation Studio™, is eager to be presenting the latest advancements of its flagship product at this year's Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which takes place from May 6th to 9th in Houston, Texas, USA. Among other objectives, the OTC conference serves as a gathering hub where offshore energy professionals come together to showcase new innovative technologies in the offshore industry.


(蒙特利尔,2024年3月) famic-logo


Famic Technologies Inc.很高兴地宣布其网站正式推出,以满足越南用户社区的需求。

新网站www.famictech.com/vi/旨在为Famic Technologies代理商、经销商、客户群以及寻求了解该公司产品和服务(如发密科Automation Studio™、发密科Automation Studio™ Manifold、Andon Studio™等)的越南个人提供本地化且用户友好的体验。

École de Technologie Supérieure and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières team up with Famic Technologies for the development of a hybrid learning platform using digital twins in the manufacturing industry based on Automation Studio™ and Andon studio™

(Montreal, Canada, February 20th 2024)

The education and technology transfer landscape has recently experienced significant upheavals. The increasing digitalization of different industrial sectors adds an additional challenge to training and technology transfer activities. These must be relevant and, above all, respond to new realities and new requirements: remoteness, regionalization of knowledge transfer, labour shortages, etc.

The software, Automation Studio™ and Andon Studio™, fits perfectly into the new paradigms of Industry 4.0. This is the main challenge that businesses face; the use of these advanced tools leads to an innovative educational approach (case studies, application of the digital twin, hybrid transfer approach, modeling of multiphysics systems, etc.). For Famic Technologies, this is an important aspect in the development of talents for strategic sectors of activity. For École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), this involves strengthening collaboration with Famic Technologies, a world leader in the development of software for education, and to benefit from the outcomes of the collaboration to reinforce learning.

EASY TO USE: The Camozzi pneumatics catalogue for Automation Studio™ is available!

(Albershausen, Germany, January 3rd, 2024) camozzi-logo


Camozzi Automation GmbH-Germany has established a cooperation with Famic Technologies Inc., creator of the design and simulation software Automation Studio™, to make it easier for customers to integrate Camozzi components in their pneumatic circuit designs starting from January 2024.

The first Camozzi Pneumatics Catalogue is released with more than 100 products and contains all the necessary information, such as product specifications, images and technical data, required for the use with the Automation Studio™ software. After completing the customized product configuration, the order description of the respective component is created and ready to simulate, which allows the user a much faster design validation and an easier handling in the further ordering process. The work on the next update of the catalogue, which will bring additional components, is already ongoing.

Innovative Software Helps Ease the Production of Hydraulic Manifolds

(Montreal, Quebec) August 28th, 2023 NFPA

Vincent is the Corporate Accounts Manager of Famic Technologies Inc., which manufactures Automation Studio™, a circuit design and simulation software for fluid power, electrical, and automation projects. Daniel is the Director of Canadian Sales at Bailey International, which provides complete mobile hydraulic solutions in both standard and custom component configurations.
Prior to that, Daniel worked at Hydrolico International, who Bailey recently acquired. Today, we invited them into our forum to learn more the crucial role that hydraulic manifolds play in fluid power systems and about the unique software packages that help design and manufacture them. 

Famic Technologies Inc. announces the release of Automation Studio™ V8.0!

(Montreal, Quebec) July 20th, 2023 Automation Studio

With a host of new advanced features and enhanced capabilities, this release ushers in a higher level of efficiency and productivity for system engineers and designers across industries.

Famic Technologies Inc., a leading innovator in the field of CAD and simulation software, is thrilled to announce the release of the anticipated new version of its groundbreaking software, Automation Studio, specifically intended for the design and simulation of multi-technology systems.

The first version of the WEBER-HYDRAULIK valve portfolio is now available in Automation Studio™!

(Güglingen, Germany) March 13th, 2023 Weber-Hydraulik

Reposted from Weber-Hydraulik

WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH is a leading specialist for tailor-made and functional hydraulic solutions and developing high-quality cylinders, manifolds, steering and suspension systems, valves and power units.

WEBER-HYDRAULIK and Famic Technologies Inc. are working together to implement WEBER-HYDRAULIK’s valves in Famic Technologies’ advanced system design and simulation software, Automation Studio™. This important collaboration allows users of the software to benefit from the official digital models of the components through the software’s Manufacturers’ Catalogues.

Automation Studio™ is a renowned system design and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical engineering and industrial automation, which allows to integrate WEBER-HYDRAULIK valves in your hydraulic systems’ simulation.

Announcing the release of ARGO-HYTOS catalogs in the simulated Automation Studio™ format

(Zug, Switzerland) March 13th, 2023 ARGO-HYTOS

After thoroughly testing the tool, ARGO-HYTOS chose Automation Studio™ as a support software for the designing of specific electro-hydraulic systems. The decisive factor for the decision was the simplicity with which technological simulation models can be configured without major compromises in accuracy.

More recently, a collaboration agreement was signed between ARGO-HYTOS and the creator of Automation Studio™, Famic Technologies Inc., for the creation of ARGO-HYTOS’ entire portfolio of components in the Automation Studio™ format.

Supported by the ARGO-HYTOS applications team in the Czech Republic, the validation of a first catalog of cartridge valves has just been completed. It is premiered to launch at the CONEXPO CON/AGG in March 2023 where ARGO-HYTOS and Famic Technologies will exhibit and present various new products to many customers – some of which the two companies have in common.

The catalog will allow the entire Automation Studio™ community to have access to cartridge valve components of ARGO-HYTOS. These components are already pre-configured with all possible options, which include simulation models according to the performances described in the specifications of each product as well as 3D representations of the valves. The addition of these makes this catalog compatible with the manifold block module, allowing users to design and simulate their manifold block projects.

HENGLI AMERICA is proud to offer its standard product catalogs for Automation Studio™!

(Chicago,USA) March 13th, 2023 Hengli

Hengli America and Famic Technologies Inc. are working together to offer the Hengli’s portfolio of components available directly in Automation Studio™, making the design and simulation of hydraulic system solutions easier than ever.

The catalogs will include different families of products, such as cartridge valves, industrial valves, pumps and motors. The Automation Studio™ software will replicate the operating performance of Hengli's products in various hydraulic circuits and systems, allowing engineers to alter and monitor engineering factors like flow, pressure drop, hydraulic power and other essential features. For the cartridge valves catalog, the process initially begins with the creation of the schematic using a wide range of hydraulic components from the manufacturer's catalog. Then, using the schematic to build a 3D manifold block with a variety of features, it will optimize the manifold by automatically generating channel connections to provide the designer with the best solutions. In terms of user experience, creating a manifold has become considerably more straightforward and efficient, thanks to a range of automated capabilities in the program.



August 1st, 2022 Norgren

Making Yuken's catalogues available in Automation Studio™ was deemed essential to allow our customers to integrate our hydraulic components in their circuit design and simulation. The current format of Yuken’s catalogues in Automation Studio™ allows to configure components according to the options available, confirm compatibility with other components available in the market, utilize 3D models, and refer to the specification data. Our DSG Series Solenoid Valves and A Series Piston Pumps have become iconic products over decades and are highly regarded by our customers. Our cooperation with Famic Technologies Inc. gives Yuken a great opportunity to develop reliable components with the latest information technology features available in the software.

Famic Technologies is proud to announce its sponsorship to NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge 2022 hosted by Komatsu Mining Corp!

May 2nd, 2022 NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge

Famic Technologies Inc., creator of Automation Studio™, the renowned CAD and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation, is proud to be a valued supplier of Komatsu. Thanks to this long-term relationship, Famic Technologies is happy to once again sponsor an NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge hosted by Komatsu Mining Corp!

FEMA Corporation has teamed up with Famic Technologies Inc. to release its first hydraulic catalog integrated into the Automation Studio™ software.

April 25th, 2022 FEMA

Reposted from FEMA Corp.

Automation Studio™ is a renowned system design and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, and industrial automation, which allows complete modeling of precise hydraulic circuits through its innovative system design. Licensed users will be able to confidently design system circuits utilizing FEMA Corporation’s catalog of electro-hydraulic solenoids by simply dragging and dropping the pre-configured component(s) into their hydraulic circuit(s) in the Automation Studio™ Editor.

Try it before you buy it: Even more SMC technologies now available in Automation Studio™

Le 21 février 2022 SMC

SMC and Famic Technologies offer the convenient and efficient virtual assembly of pneumatic systems – now with more than 800 components available

Designing and planning pneumatic circuits has never been easier: SMC has extended its own product library for use with the design and simulation software Automation Studio™ from Famic Technologies Inc., by more than 60 percent. Now, pneumatic engineers and system integrators have the ability to use flagship solutions such as ISO interface solenoid valves in their digital designs.

SMC and Famic Technologies are working together to support planners and machinery builders with their combined knowledge in the areas of simulation and application. Users of Automation Studio™ can now create and simulate pneumatic circuits using more than 800 SMC components

Mitsubishi Electric Catalogue for Automation Studio™ is now available!

June 1st, 2021 GRH

Famic Technologies Inc., creator of Automation Studio™, the renowned CAD and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation, is proud to announce the availability of the Mitsubishi Electric Catalogue for Automation Studio™.

The Mitsubishi Electric Catalogue for Automation Studio™ offers an extensive set of data attributes for each component. It includes its PDF specifications sheet, 2D symbol IEC 60617 and NEMA ICS 19-2002 compliant, images, technical data, commercial information, 3D representation, simulation model(s), virtual test bench(es) and use cases showing that the component behaves according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, a Product Configurator is also available, allowing the user to build the component’s part number as per Mitsubishi Electric’s type code information. Once the configuration process is completed, a valid part number with all of its corresponding product characteristics is generated.

Standard products from Wandfluh are now available in Automation Studio™

March 30th, 2021 GRH

With this simulation software from the company Famic Technologies Inc., hydraulic and electrical circuits can be designed, simulated and documented consequently. In addition to schematics and parts lists, block manifold designs can also be created and transferred to CNC machining applications. Furthermore, the software allows functional tests and the search for errors already during the planning process.

Wandfluh is proud to be able to offer its standard products catalogue for Automation Studio™ on the market together with the licensing company Famic Technologies Inc.

Janatics India Private Limited and Famic Technologies Inc. are proud to announce their collaboration for the distribution of Automation Studio™ to educational institutions in India.

(Montreal, Canada) November 11th, 2020 janatics-logo


Famic Technologies Inc., a pioneer in design and simulation software for fluid technologies and industrial automation, continues its development of the Indian market by partnering with Janatics India for the distribution of Automation Studio™. As a privileged distributor, Janatics India will supply the Automation Studio™ software as part of its hardware offer for educational institutions.

Try it before you buy it: SMC technologies now available in Automation Studio™

(Egelsbach), November 2020 - https://www.smc.eusmc logo



SMC and Famic Technologies offer the convenient and efficient virtual assembly of pneumatic systems

Designing and planning pneumatic circuits has never been easier: SMC has made its own product library available for this purpose for use with the design and simulation software Automation StudioTM from Famic Technologies. The two companies are working together to support planners and machinery builders with their combined knowledge in the areas of simulation and application. Users of Automation StudioTM can now create and simulate pneumatic circuits using SMC components.

Launching the Hypower Automation Studio™ Catalogue!

(Montreal, Quebec) July 9th, 2020 Hypower logo

Famic Technologies Inc. is proud to present the latest version of the Hypower Automation StudioTM Catalogue! All digital products in this virtual catalogue are pre-configured with Hypower’s latest technical specifications and are compatible with the Hydraulic Workshop of Automation StudioTM 6.4. Users may now quickly get access to Hypower components for their systems integration and spend less time developing cylinder models.

Automation Studio™ used at PT. Vale Indonesia

(Indonesia) July 2nd, 2020

After evaluating a few options available on the market, we came to the conclusion that Automation Studio™ was the best software to achieve objectives on these projects. Automation Studio™ makes it easier to understand, deepening knowledge, exploring options for design, principle and troubleshooting of industrial hydraulic system to achieve best performance of hydraulic system.

Janatics Pneumatic Catalogue now part of Automation Studio™!

(Montreal, Quebec) May 7th, 2020 

Famic Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the Janatics Pneumatic Automation StudioTM Catalogue! All the digital products in this virtual catalogue are pre-configured with Janatics latest technical specifications and are compatible with the Pneumatic Workshop of Automation StudioTM 6.4. Users can now get quick access to Janatics components for their systems integration, which will save valuable time in developing component models.

Designing a New Artificial Lift Method Using Computational Simulation and Evolutionary Optimization

(Montreal, Canada) September 30, 2019 – Originally published in Mining Industry News IEEE Xplore

Oil exploitation has moved into deeper reservoirs with the advances in drilling techniques and thus the development of new pumping techniques has become a challenge to improve production. The positive displacement pumping system proposed in this paper is presented as an artificial lift technique. Here we present a new pumping device, its estimated operational curves through numerical simulations and a prototype of the device, denominated a Double Acting Submersible Linear Pump (SLP)…

Modelling the tractive effort

(Chicago, USA) September 12th, 2019

Our project involved modelling the tractive effort of a piece of underground mining machinery to determine its ability to move large pieces of equipment around an underground mine.

Provide Students with the Right Knowledge and Skills towards their Future Career

(United Kingdom) August 30, 2018 

Suffolk One College

Suffolk One is an inclusive Sixth Form College located in Ipswich, Suffolk. The College offers range of Advance levels, BTEC Diploma courses, GCSE re-sits and courses in Foundation Learning. The College aims to “develop an inclusive and inspirational learning centre that sits in the heart of a collaborative learning community where all talents and achievements are equally valued."

Famic Technologies Releases Version 6.3 of its Machine Design and Simulation Software Automation Studio™

(Montreal, Quebec) May 24, 2018 - Originally published in OEM Off-Highway

Famic Technologies has released the latest version of Automation StudioTM, its machine design and simulation software. Version 6.3 of Automation StudioTM better supports users’ documentation needs by offering a new environment of its BOM & Report Module, and expands its co-simulation reach with third-party software, control devices and PLCs.

Famic Technologies and Nova Didacta sign an agreement for the distribution of the Automation Studio™ software in the southeastern region of Brazil

(Montreal, Québec) April 7, 2018 

Famic Technologies Inc., a pioneer in design and simulation software for fluid technologies and industrial automation, continues its development of the Brazilian market by partnering with Nova Didacta for the distribution of Automation StudioTM in the southeastern region of Brazil. As a privileged distributor, Nova Didacta will promote Automation StudioTM to technical and higher education institutions that offer study programs in mechatronics and industrial automation.

Famic Technologies Inc. and ID System Didactic sign an agreement to distribute Automation Studio™ software in the southern part of France

(Montreal, Quebec) January 19th, 2018  

Famic Technologies Inc., a pioneer in design and simulation software for fluid technologies and industrial automation, continues its development of the French market by partnering with ID System Didactic for the distribution of Automation Studio™ in the southern part of France. As a preferred distributor, ID System Didactic will promote Automation Studio™ to educational institutions that offer mechatronic programs.

Achieve a Great Return on Investment with Andon Studio™

(Montreal, Canada) June 20, 2017 

Famic Technologies is the developer of Industry 4.0 software Andon StudioTM, a solution that has generated a lot of interest by several manufacturing companies and university researchers.

Practical and Efficient Education of Students

(University of Osnabrück, Germany) June 5, 2017 


Numerous companies renowned and specialized in agricultural engineering are headquartered in Osnabrück Land, as agriculture represents an important economic factor for the region. Correspondingly, there is a high demand for qualified junior staff.

At the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, – the largest and most performant university of applied sciences in Lower Saxony, – the education of junior staff in agricultural engineering represents an essential element of the program offered.

A software with superior design and intuitive animation, simulation effects for teaching and training purpose

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) May 23, 2017 



Taiwan is surrounded by sea on four sides. The sea has given birth to abundant diverse cultures and also provided important resources for the survival of humankind. Among the higher educational institutions in Taiwan, College of Maritime in National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) is dedicated in cultivating marine affairs professionals in the southern part of Taiwan.

Achieving Great Synergy in Design, Testing and Training

(Iveco Magirus AG, Germany) February 24, 2017 


CNH Industrial (CNHI) is a global leader in the capital goods sector that, through its various businesses, designs, produces and sells agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and specialty vehicles, in addition to a broad portfolio of powertrain applications. Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets, including through joint ventures.

Iveco represents a brand within CNH Industrial and its vehicles are used all over the world. Iveco designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles for on and off-road use. Gathering over 150 years of experience from former brands’ heritage, Iveco has always been committed to excellence in the creation of safe, efficient and sustainable vehicles.

Excellent Support for Trainings

(Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH, Austria) January 5, 2017 


Liebherr represents one of the largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. The Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH in Austria produces cable excavators, crawler cranes, and heavy construction machines.

It has established itself as an innovation leader worldwide and is using the Automation StudioTM software provided by Famic Technologies Inc. to train customers and employees.

Automation Studio™ E6.2 Interactive Lab Exercises

(Montreal, Quebec) October 4, 2016 

Famic Technologies Inc. has developed libraries of interactive lab exercises with its design and simulation software Automation StudioTM Educational 6.2. These exercises are available for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical technologies to test students’ knowledge retention level. 

Automation Studio™ - From Engineering Your Systems to Effective Machine-Based Training

(Las Vegas, NV, USA) September 27, 2016 – Originally published in Mining Industry News 

With tough times persisting in the mining industry, manufacturers and OEMs need to bring effective changes in their work process in order to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. To achieve this goal, Famic Technologies recommends the implementation of tools that will optimize all aspects of a product/project’s lifecycle: system design, simulation, documentation, training, troubleshooting, etc. 

Great CAD and Animation Tool for Fluid Power and Mechatronics

(Alexandria, MN, USA) May 27, 2016 


Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) offers high quality technical programs that meet the economic and culture life style of Minnesota’s communities. This institution promotes a career-oriented education to help prepare their students meet industries’ expectations.

The Application of Eaton CLS Valves in Designing Unique Systems with Automation Studio™

(Houston, TX, USA) May 5, 2016 - Originally published in English in Offshore Industry News 

Famic Technologies Inc. continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation with its unique machine design and simulation software Automation StudioTM. Over the last two decades, it has delivered significant changes in design and simulation methodologies of multi-technology systems – hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and automation – by putting forward a complete ‘machine knowledge management’ concept, establishing the standard in technology convergence. 

Famic Technologies Releases Automation Studio™ 6.2 with New and Improved Functionalities

(Montreal, Quebec) May 2, 2016 

Famic Technologies Inc. announced today a comprehensive line of new features and high quality functionalities necessary for the simulation solution software industry for technologies including hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and HMI. Automation StudioTM version 6.2 offers peerless potential as a design and simulation software for both the industry and educational institutions.

i-Design Integrated Manifold Design Tool

April 20, 2016 - Originally published in Mobile Hydraulic Tips 

HydraForce has released the latest version of i-Design, its circuit design tool. Version 5 of i-Design supports the trends toward integrated hydraulic systems, expanded use of electro-hydraulics, and greater global application of hydraulic manifolds and cartridge valves.

Keeping the Load Safely Hooked

(Munich, Germany ) April 4, 2016 - Originally published in German in Mobile Maschinen 

Simulating the winch control of a mobile gantry crane

Mobile gantry cranes are used to transport precast elements for wind turbines or bridges. For the design, a powerful software is needed. In this case, the control of the winch was simulated with Automation StudioTM. — Shaun Prince

Fast Training Development, Accurate System Design

(Toronto, NSW Australia) October 15, 2015 


APT specialization is in providing custom hydraulic courses for its customers who are primarily in the mining sector. And, for over 10 years, APT Specialist Hydraulics & Training has been providing Hydraulic Training and Engineering services in Australia. Key services include System Design, System Analysis & Validation and Training.

Exceeding Automation Training Requirements with Real-World Simulation

(Montreal, Quebec) October 6th, 2015 

We are seeing an increase in demand for qualified technicians particularly within mechatronics and industrial automation. Schools who offer programs in these fields need to invest in large amounts of resources to train their students on the latest technologies used in these industries. Even with dedicated investment, students have difficulties understanding systems’ behaviours as they lack experimentation.

Enhance the Performance of Your Production Lines

(Montreal, Quebec) October 2nd, 2015 

Keep your Operations under Control

To maximize their performance, manufacturers need to implement on an ongoing basis continuous improvement processes (CIP), and find ways to reduce waste. Several approaches may be considered. Lean management has been offering for several years an effective approach to optimize the planning of the logistic flow by reviewing the sequencing and time management of activities.

Centralize the Alarms

(Montreal, Quebec) October 1st, 2015 

Managing efficiently Critical Situations

From energy performance, service maintenance, flexibility on changes to finding comforting solutions for occupants, these are just a few of the growing requirements of management activities for industrial and commercial buildings. As a result, needs in building automation have increased, leading to a significant transformation of these activities by creating a centralized control for all buildings, aptly called the Building Management System platform (BMS).

Even so, the various groups of equipment are controlled by different software applications specific to each manufacturer and to each technology. These software applications are generally not compatible with each other, even though the mechanical and electrical infrastructures are increasingly interdependent.

Our First Contest! Students use Automation Studio™ Software Solution in a National Competition

(Bogota, Colombia) September 10, 2015 

Famic Technologies Inc., the renowned developer of Automation StudioTM, the all-in-one software solution for system design and simulation, and its authorized distributor for Colombia, Casyber LTDA, launched the first 'National Competition for automation with integrated technologies' using Automation StudioTM in cooperation with Francisco José de Caldas University and the Canadian Embassy, on September 10, 2015 in Bogota, Colombia.

Zhejiang Yalong Educational Equipment Joint-Stock Co. Ltd partners with Famic Technologies Inc. to bring Automation Studio™ to several regions in China

(Montreal, Quebec) February 13th, 2015 

Famic Technologies Inc., creator of Automation StudioTM, has recently announced that they have found yet another business partner in the likes of Chinese educational equipment manufacturers, Zhejiang Yalong Educational Equipment Joint-stock Co. Ltd. "Yalong" headquartered at Wenzhou, China, has now become the authorized reseller of Automation StudioTM products in Southern China. This new partnership along with the partnership already in place with K&H in Northern China, allows Automation StudioTM promotion in the whole Chinese territory.

Famic Technologies Inc. Delivers the "New" Automation Studio™ With Improved Features & Enhanced Performance

(Montreal, Quebec) March 25th, 2014 

Famic Technologies Inc., today announced an array of new feature innovations and enhanced design and functionalities unmatched in the simulation solution software industry for teaching and training all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical systems and HMI. Automation StudioTM, Version 6.1 offers the most complete design and simulation software in the industry today. 

Famic Technologies releases its latest Hydraulic Catalogue v4.0 for Automation Studio™

(Montreal, Quebec) October 24th, 2013 

Famic Technologies Inc., recognized the world over for Automation StudioTM, the renowned design and simulation software for fluid power, electrical and automation, announces the release of its latest hydraulic catalogue V4.0. This catalogue offers a superior list of components currently in-demand from its broader Automation StudioTM mobile and industrial hydraulic users' community for quick systems design, simulation and integration tasks in Automation StudioTM P6. 

Famic Technologies Showcases its CAD and Simulation Software at ISARC 2013 in Montreal

Famic Technologies Inc., is exhibiting at the 30th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and Mining (ISARC 2013) in Montreal, August 11-13. Visit BOOTH #1023 for personalized demonstrations of Industrial IT Services, Automation StudioTM and Andon StudioTM.

Famic Technologies Inc., leader in software engineering and industrial automation, is proud to showcase its CAD and simulation software at ISARC 2013 (International Symposium on Automation and Robotics) in Montreal from August 11-13. Visit BOOTH #1023 for personalized demonstrations.

New Software Generation for Greener Energy Efficient Mechatronic System Design & Analysis

(Montreal, Quebec) June 21st, 2013 - White Paper published for the KSFC (Korean Society for Fluid Power and Construction Equipment) 

In the world of simulation software, many different approaches are used to obtain accurate hydraulic circuit simulation. Most of these tools model components as a set of mathematical equations parameterized with mechanical and geometric data for each component. They are able to simulate in depth specific functions of a circuit, however it becomes progressively a more demanding task to simulate more complex and complete systems. 

Famic Technologies Presents Automation Studio™ at the Offshore Technology Conference

Famic Technologies Inc. creator of Automation StudioTM, software engineering and industrial automation specialist, is presenting its latest all-in-one design and simulation software solution, Automation StudioTM, at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) from May 6th to 9th in Houston, Texas. Live and interactive presentations of Automation StudioTM will demonstrate how it improves efficiency and significantly reduces downtime for bottom line results in the Offshore & Marine and Oil & Gas industries.

Famic Technologies Inc. Expands Its Reach in South Korea, Signs Distributor Agreement with Software Provider, INROOT Corp.

(Montreal, Quebec) January 21th, 2013 

Famic Technologies Inc. creator of Automation StudioTM, the renowned computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation software solution for fluid power and electrical systems, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with INROOT Corporation, a leading engineering software solution provider in South Korea. As an authorized distributor, INROOT will provide customer service and first level technical support throughout South Korea for Automation StudioTM P6 Professional Edition, Famic Technologies' flagship product.

Famic Technologies and Linde Hydraulics Collaborate to Produce Linde Pumps and Motors Catalogue for Automation Studio™ P6

(Montreal, Quebec) November 19th, 2012 

Famic Technologies Inc. creator of Automation StudioTM, the renowned design and simulation CAD software for fluid power, electrical and automation, is proud to announce its collaboration with Linde Hydraulics, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hydraulic drive technology, to release one of the most advanced manufacturer's catalogues available in Automation StudioTM P6.

Andon Studio™, a Powerful New Request Management Software Solution to Optimize Industrial Processes

(Montreal, Quebec) October 2nd, 2012 

Known for creating innovative engineering software solutions, Famic Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce Andon StudioTM , a powerful new request management solution that optimizes industrial processes. Initially designed to support effective response procedures in the manufacturing industry, Andon Studio software easily adapts to all factory and plant operations. It facilitates the sending and monitoring of service requests using the latest advances in communication technology.

Famic Technologies Inc. Opens an Office in Germany

(Montreal, Quebec) June 4th, 2012 

Famic Technologies Inc. creator of the renowned Automation StudioTM design and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation systems, is very pleased to announce the expansion of its operations with the opening of an office in Germany. The new office is located in Munich, ideally positioned to provide better support and sales in Europe, primarily in German speaking countries. 

Comatrol launches EasyValve™ 2.0, its hydraulic manifold design software, and a new valve catalogue for Automation Studio™, both developed by Famic Technologies Inc.

(Montreal, Quebec) March 22nd, 2011 

Comatrol of Easley, South Carolina, a member of the Sauer-Danfoss Group that engineers, manufactures and supplies screw-in cartridge valves and Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs), announced today that it has collaborated with Famic Technologies to make two main products available: (1) the second version of its hydraulic manifold circuit design software, EasyValveTM, and (2) a first version of its valve catalogue for Automation StudioTM, an innovative design and simulation software developed by Famic Technologies Inc. of Montreal, Quebec.