Automation Studio Educational Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Cosa dicono i nostri clienti di Automation Studio™ Educational Edition


"Sono un ingegnere meccanico e un utilizzatore individuale del software Automation Studio™. Negli ultimi quattro anni ho usato la versione Automation Studio™ Educational (formazione).
Uso il software per formarmi sull'elettroidraulica e lo uso anche per formare i miei tecnici quando lavoro su impianti di perforazione offshore dove la maggior parte delle apparecchiature di perforazione è idraulica. Il software ha un'interfaccia molto intuitiva e talvolta la uso anche per la risoluzione dei problemi, quando ho problemi con l'attrezzatura idraulica, disegnando e simulando un progetto esistente.
Consiglio vivamente Automation Studio™ a chiunque sia interessato a intraprendere una carriera nel settore idraulico o al personale di manutenzione che si occupa quotidianamente di apparecchiature idrauliche."

"I am a certified trainer on hydropneumatic automation at Bosch Rexroth in Russia. I am actively use Automation Studio™ while preparing and conducting counseling seminars, as well as while developing corporate trainings and educational material.

  • Firstly, it is possible to create any hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical schematics in Automation Studio™, including control systems on the base of industrial logic controllers.
  • Secondly, the software allows to 2D images or 3D models (in common CAD formats) to be loaded.
  • Thirdly, using Mechanism Manager, it is possible to build a kinematic diagram of technological equipment, set loads (forces, torques) and link the kinematics with a 2D image or a 3D model. When simulating the schematics (hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.), 2D images and 3D models are animated according to the algorithm put in the control system. It allows digital twins of industrial equipment to be created.
  • The software allows the user to insert the faults in different components on the schematic and, using the built-in diagnostic tools, to practice algorithms of troubleshooting technological equipment.
All these features make the software to be a unique one and the educational process to be more visual."



"I use Automation Studio™ in my courses of Pneumatics and Hydraulics since 2008. I was searching for a software to create illustrations and animations of systems for my lessons, but also to be used by my students for a more effective learning of technologies. An engineer of the Italian Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics division suggested to me Automation Studio™ and so I tried it and I immediately liked it. With Automation Studio™, I can create content-rich and flexible learning material to illustrate basic theoretical principles during the lessons with the help of simulations and animations. I also installed it on student computers so we can combine different ways to support students in learning, from the physical implementation of circuits to computer simulation. The libraries that students use during my courses are Pneumatic, Electrical-control, Hydraulic, Proportional hydraulic and SFC. The ease of use of Automation Studio makes the training of students very fast and this is very important considering the limited time available in the curricular courses. The students are fascinated by the possibility of seeing their circuits working and therefore of being able to easily identify any error. This greatly helps the effectiveness of teaching and consequently my task."

"We have used Automation Studio™ for some years with fluid power and machine automation courses. Automation Studio™ makes teaching and learning more fun and effective because it offers easy ways to do exercises during lessons. Automation Studio™ is easy to use and the possibility to simulate schemes and functionalities increase student understanding on how systems and components are working. In the initial courses, the system technologies are the main focus. During laboratory exercises, students design and test the schemes by using simulation before practical connections on the workbenches. Automation Studio™ also offers more advanced features for proportional and servo hydraulic systems as well as for mobile hydraulics. It´s available for students at home so remote studying is possible. Overall, it is useful as it is a multipurpose software covering numerous technologies and scopes."

"As a beginner user of Automation Studio™ I find this package to be a very useful and powerful software for simulation of pneumatic and electropneumatic systems. In particular ladder logic works as a regular commercial PLC in which all the most important features can be performed: timers, counters, bit/byte/word logic, registers, arithmetic, comparisons... just to mention some. All types of numbers (real, integers, ...) can be managed and many variables can be linked to "animations", thus allowing to build your own "animated automation" in an easy and realistic way. Siemens, Rockwell Automation and IEC 61131 ladder code can be written including all the features and performance of those so widespread PLC. I have found it to be a very effective method to demonstrate the operating principle of pneumatic circuits and controls. Famic Technologies provides to the user a very useful and helpful support system, which helps and guides you for the solution over any issues you can find."

"Having explored the Automation Studio™ Online Videos and the recommendation from BTEC awarding body, I believe that Automation Studio™ has all the ingredients needed to equip our students with the right knowledge and skills towards their future career. With Automation Studio™, our students can now create Pneumatic and Hydraulic circuit diagrams to BS ISO industry standard. It will also provide the students the means of simulating the circuits so that they can analyse the circuits further."


"With simple CAD software, circuit design is very abstract and you can’t show students upfront what the class and lab expectations or outcome should be. The ability to animate circuits in Automation Studio™ is one of the major reasons why we decided to integrate this software to our curriculum. The efficiency in creating circuits has exponentially increased. With Automation Studio™, we can now draw circuits in a matter of minutes. The fact that you can animate prepares students for labs. They can test the circuit and make sure it works properly."


"I’ve been using Automation Studio™ for a very long time. I have seen its versions evolve from 3.01 to 6.4. Before using it, classes consisted of drawing valves on the board and in notebooks, and imagining the movement of those valves and actuators. Now, I can simulate the circuits in a more realistic way: the student can input the load, flow, pressure and RPM, and obtain very reliable results. This allows the student to become passionate about the subject. The easy way to assemble different circuits and the amount of standardized symbology available in the library makes it possible to design very basic and even more complex circuits. I use it in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLC, Electrical, Electro-Pneumatics and Electro-Hydraulics. We are now working on programming with Grafcet, a tool used worldwide, and we connect Automation Studio™ directly to actual laboratory equipment. Compared with other software that I know, Automation Studio™ definitely has a lot more advantages. I recommend it to any university that wants to keep students actively creating and participating in the classroom and at home. It is a powerful tool to validate the teacher's concepts and their explanation."

"I am a professor at the Mechanical Department of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Southeastern of Minas Gerais and undergraduate studies coordinator at the Juiz de Fora campus. I am currently responsible for courses in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Industrial Automation and Robotics at high school level, for students of integrated and subsequent technical courses, and for undergraduate level students of Mechatronics Engineering. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering on a subject related to computer simulation of systems in Engineering.
I give my lectures at the Automation and Robotics Laboratory, which currently has various equipment and computer systems aimed at optimizing the teaching-learning process for the target audience. In particular, I highlight the wide use of computer simulation tools in all application fields of the laboratory. These features allow a significant improvement in the quality of the classes as they enable the student to build knowledge in a faster, more playful and even pleasurable way.
As far as Hydraulics and Pneumatics are concerned, we have been using Automation Studio version 6.3 in the lab since the first semester of 2019 in high school and undergraduate level subjects. In the adopted methodology, the students must elaborate in the software all the proposed activities before proceeding to bench assembly. In this context, it is possible to observe Automation Studio's competence in providing the necessary resources for the development of pneumatic and electropneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic schematics as well as the integration with programming languages for PLCs and even proportional systems.
Finally, I also would like to highlight the quality of the technical support provided by the staff of Famictech since the beginning of the Automation Studio 6.3 deployment process. We have at our disposal qualified professionals and we observe their concern in providing a good technical support service to software users."

"Over the years, the Department of Marine Engineering in the Kaohsiung Marine University has integrated Automation Studio™ in different courses. With Automation Studio™’s integration of the fluid power, mechatronics and other technologies, plus the excellent dynamic simulation and animation effects, Automation Studio™ not only promotes the students’ interests in learning and at the same time improves their final results."