Designing a New Artificial Lift Method Using Computational Simulation and Evolutionary Optimization

(Montreal, Canada) September 30, 2019 – Originally published in Mining Industry News IEEE Xplore

Oil exploitation has moved into deeper reservoirs with the advances in drilling techniques and thus the development of new pumping techniques has become a challenge to improve production. The positive displacement pumping system proposed in this paper is presented as an artificial lift technique. Here we present a new pumping device, its estimated operational curves through numerical simulations and a prototype of the device, denominated a Double Acting Submersible Linear Pump (SLP)…

Keeping the Load Safely Hooked

(Munich, Germany ) April 4, 2016 - Originally published in German in Mobile Maschinen 

Simulating the winch control of a mobile gantry crane

Mobile gantry cranes are used to transport precast elements for wind turbines or bridges. For the design, a powerful software is needed. In this case, the control of the winch was simulated with Automation StudioTM. — Shaun Prince