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Automation Studio™ Simulation Worth a Thousand Pictures

Famic Technologies will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2023 in Orlando, FL! Visit our booth (#1960) and discover the new version, Automation Studio™ 8.0, featuring all design, simulation, troubleshooting and training capabilities in pneumatic, hydraulic, electrotechnical and automation technologies. Most importantly, we invite you to meet our team!

At Famic Technologies, we are dedicated to deliver trade-oriented software solutions!

Since its foundation in 1986, Famic Technologies has been offering a complete range of high-end products and services in the field of software engineering and industrial automation. Innovation, quality and performance have been the company cornerstones. Famic Technologies has always been one step ahead, especially with the development of Automation Studio™, the innovative system design and simulation software originally meant for education and training on fluid power systems, and which is now used throughout the industry in system design, engineering, maintenance, service and training.

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Founded in 1986

Our Products

Automation Studio™ Professional Edition

Automation Studio™ is a unique design and simulation software covering all project/machine technologies including fluid power, electrical, controls, HMI and communications through the entire product lifecycle. It helps to easily combine these various technologies in order to design, document and simulate complete systems.

Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Manifold Block Module

  • Improvement of routing algorithms and in particular those of oblique channels;
  • Addition of CETOP-type components and interfaces in the generic library;
  • Ability to create a custom title block;
  • Revision table available in the technical drawings;
  • Customization of the number of decimal places that can be displayed on technical drawings;
  • Improvement concerning the dimensions on the technical drawings (offset, movement);
  • Ability to adjust the position of the shapes on the cavities of the generic components.
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Automation Studio™ Educational Edition

If you teach subjects related to hydraulics, pneumatics, PLCs, electrical and control technologies, the illustration of concepts and the behaviour of systems are no doubt at the heart of your requirements. Since 1986, Automation Studio™ has proven its strength in technical and engineering educational institutions worldwide by helping students better understand the behaviour and interaction of technologies with an intuitive visual learning approach before moving to the hands-on trainers.

Automation Studio™ Educational Edition

Andon Studio™

Andon Studio™ lets you monitor your productivity in real time, optimize your operations and manage your processes. Make the most of Industry 4.0 potential by acquiring, sharing and using your data to improve your productivity and strengthen your continuous improvement initiatives.

Andon studio by Famic Technologies

Manufacturers' Catalogues

Get unlimited access to manufacturers' preconfigured components for faster design and complete documentation.

Manufacturers’ Catalogues Overview
  • Locate components by browsing through the catalogues directory, by searching for component families or by text search.
  • Configure component options according to model codes from manufacturers' specification sheets.
  • Simply Drag & Drop configured components directly onto the schematic.
  • Virtual test benches on all components allow users to validate the simulation model’s performance prior to integrating them into intelligent schematics.
Catalogues and On-Demand Components
  • Automation Studio™ catalogues include thousands of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components from various manufacturers. Users with access to Manufacturers’ Catalogues can also request a specific component to be developed according to available specifications.
Online Catalogues
  • Users now have access to the Manufacturers’ Catalogues through the Web. This removes the need to download and store Manufacturers’ Catalogues in local or network directory, saving time and space. By always accessing the latest models, users can make sure the developers are working with the latest models, therefore providing more accurate results.
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Electrifying Hydraulic Systems with Automation Studio™