Automation Studio Professional Edition Software by Famic Technologies

Design & Simulate Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical and Automation Systems.

All-in-One Intuitive Software Solution for
Increased Engineering Productivity

Automation Studio™ provides a user-friendly platform with access to built-in component libraries to help accelerate your design process. With integrated simulation capabilities, we make it easy to quickly animate, analyze and validate your systems’ performance.
All technologies can be linked together to create and simulate an entire machine.

  • Software easily used by all levels of technical people
  • Draw your schematics in respect of technical standards in no time using Automation StudioTM
  • Visualize component behavior (flow/pressure/votalge...) within a circuit
  • Simulate technical parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, viscosity, current, voltage, power and much more
  • Analyze and predict various system function behavior
  • Efficiency and safety design monitoring that validates all points within your schematic at any operation phase
  • Integrate generic components from built-in or manufacturers' cataloguesready to simulate with accurate simulation parameters
  • Sharpen your maintenance team's skills with with built-in failure simulation and troubleshooting
  • Use animation and simulation to develop a better understanding of machines throughout your company
  • Save time and money using simulation prior to prototyping
  • Create your digital twin with our trade oriented software
  • Create high quality content for technical publications supporting any delivery method in any language using any standard representation
  • Create Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical training and training material focused on your systems
  • Deliver outstanding customers presentations using tools that quickly prototype solution concepts
  • Validate your system interactions with other software and hardware using co-simulation
  • Build team synergy by sharing the digital twin through the product life cycle steps

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