Anticorruption Code of Conduct

Famic Technologies Inc. (Famic) is committed to conducting all of its activities in the areas of legality, integrity and transparency as well as developing and maintaining specific policies, procedures and internal controls for the prevention and detection of corruption and influence peddling. This Anticorruption Code of Conduct is thus one of the instruments of Famic's compliance program for the prevention and fight against corruption and trading in influence.

The purpose of this Anticorruption Code of Conduct is to guide all Famic employees in their day-to-day activities, providing them with the necessary practical knowledge, and explaining how to act in accordance with them. It also establish guidelines for distributors when promoting Famic’s products and services.

As Famic is a global group operating in many countries either directly or through distributors where the culture and regulations for preventing and combating corruption can be more or less restrictive. However, Famic believes that the rules in the Anticorruption Code of Conduct are based on good business ethics practices that go beyond national boundaries. In the event that local regulations would be less restrictive than the provisions of this Code, the Anticorruption Code of Conduct will prevail. Conversely, in the event that local regulations would be more restrictive than the provisions of this code, the more stringent local regulations will prevail.

This Anticorruption Code of Conduct applies in a mandatory and consistent manner to all Famic Group entities, unless local laws impose more restrictive requirements.

This Anticorruption Code of Conduct thus applies to all Famic employees, irrespective of their activity, country or job position. Each employee acknowledges having received a copy of the Anticorruption Code of Conduct and commits to carrying out all his tasks in accordance with the rules listed therein and is fully informed that non-compliance with any one of these provisions may give rise to disciplinary sanctions including dismissal.

Individuals holding managerial positions have the additional responsibility of setting an example through their own behaviour, by ensuring that the employees in their teams have received all the information needed to allow them to comply with Famic's requirements, and by promoting a working environment in which the said individuals feel comfortable about raising any questions or concerns.

Periodic control and compliance confirmation focusing on the deployment and execution of the Anticorruption Code of Conduct will be requested by Famic Technologies Inc. to ensure the proper understanding and application of the said Code of Conduct. Remedial actions will be applied if required.

The Anticorruption Code of Conduct may be subject to updates or amendments. In any such event, the amendments and/or updates will be clearly communicated to all Famic employees and distributors.

Famic has a zero-tolerance policy toward bribery and corruption. We hold to high standards and we expect our employees and distributors who work on our behalf to meet the standards we set for ourselves.

General definition of an act of corruption

Corruption relates to the offer, promise, donation, acceptance or solicitation of an undue advantage of any value (financial or non-financial), directly or indirectly, whatever the location, in violation of applicable laws, to encourage or reward an individual for acting or not acting within the scope of his/her functions.

Famic expects its employees to systematically and categorically refuse all requests or offers of bribes, irrespective of their amount or value, by clearly stating the position and commitment of Famic regarding the prevention and fight against corruption.

Distributor Periodic Declaration