Project Documentation

Thanks to its extensive automatic documentation features, Automation Studio™ will help you produce various documents easily and quickly, thus increasing your productivity and reducing data entry errors.

project documentation automatin studio

Manage your Standards

Standards can be defined at different hierarchical levels including: company, divisions, branches, projects, and documents. They cover every aspect of a project for both technologies and documentation including: fluid, material, hoses, lines, wires, cables, connectors, font, colour, page layout, naming rules, components, title block, component representation during editing and simulation, etc.

Automatic Report Features

Creating various reports is an indispensable feature for all design and sales specialists. You can quickly assign data such as part numbers, prices, descriptions, and all technical data to each component of a project in order to automatically generate bill of materials, requests for quotes, or budgetary estimates. Manufacturers’ catalogues allow you to have instant access to all specific technical data, thus avoiding the burden of gathering such information.

configurable tooltip automation studio

Export your Projects

You can export schematics and project data in different formats for better integration with other engineering tools or PDM systems. For instance, graphical data can be exported in various formats such as DXF, EMF, PDF, SVG, or TIFF. Moreover, to facilitate data transfer to other software, projects can be exported in XML format.

Configurable Tooltips

Detailed information is displayed when hovering over an object on the screen, providing quick access to pertinent component properties.

Available Reports

  • Bill of Material
  • Purchase orders
  • Cross-references
  • Wires and cables
  • Terminal strips
  • Tags
  • Splices
  • Connectors
  • PLCs
  • Spools
  • Ducts
  • Rails
  • Customized reports

project documentation automation studio