Automation Studio™ Live Manifold provides uniform and efficient means of communication to propose and implement systems quickly and correctly. Deploying Automation Studio™ Live Manifold will not only shorten the time it takes to elaborate a system and produce a quote, but also to improve the quality of the final solution while easing the entire workflow with all the various actors involved in the process.

All the Block Manifold Specifications in One Interface

Comprehensive Library built upon Manufacturers’ Product Specifications

The library is organized by component categories. It is displayed in the same format as the manufacturer’s catalogue, to quickly identify the desired components. A quick-search feature facilitates component selection. Nominal values are already listed, reducing editing time. It also provides product configuration tools for all components in order to quickly obtain a price and minimize mistakes.

Product Configuration Dialogue Box

Dialog boxes specific to each product and vendor include a set of comprehensive drop-down menus, listing all compatible products for easy selection.

Users have instant access to the PDF product specification datasheet, defined schematic information, and engraving instructions.

Adjustable dialog boxes reduce library search time when reconfiguring a product. Global parameter guidelines are consigned to a project, saving time during product configuration.

Import / Export for Easy Work-Sharing

Exporting DXF schematics allows users to incorporate circuits into their own projects.

Transfer all 3D elements into one folder, facilitating quicker mechanical designs.

Send 3D designs to another mechanical software to finalize plans and then re-import them for final project archiving.

Complete Multi-Project Environment with History Tracking

Open multiple projects simultaneously and share information to speed up the design process. Track changes and improve communication between all parties involved in the project.

Complete Reporting for Project Details

The “Print Report” function creates an HTML output with all project details; complete bill of materials, 3D data and layout, manifold constraints, revision history, warnings regarding project completeness and components, prices, etc.

Each step is validated as users are methodically guided through the development process.

Intuitive 3D Interface

Easily drag and drop components onto a virtual block for immediate validation, to modify options, to set locations and angles, to assign counterbores, etc.

Lock components to specific faces or positions to illustrate constraints. Cavity and component collisions are immediately highlighted with placement possibilities.

Export 3D blocks to your preferred mechanical design solution via XML (ProE, Solidworks, Inventor, etc.).

Virtual Prototype Simulations

Simulate schematics for prototype testing. Component properties allow for functional block testing, saving costly errors at the early stage of block manifold design and prototyping.

Use full colour 3D animations for demonstrations, to promote business, and to help save money.