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Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Issues

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  • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Issues


    • Missing Symbols of components in Main Library
      "No symbol available"
    • Failure while saving files
      "Unknown Error. ProjectSaved: The process cannot access the field ... because it is being used by another process."
    • Incompatible Database Error
      "Invalid Database:[BD\ASComposant.accdb] follow by many others error messages."
    • Failure to update the "ASEnterpriseStandards" database when applying a new service release
      "The update of the file C:\ProgramData\Famic Technologies\Automation Studio P6.4\ASEnterpriseStandards.accdb has failed."
    • Automation Studio™ will not start


    Microsoft Office Updates may affect Automation Studio™ and create the above issues related to Microsoft Access Database Engine.


    To repair the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 follow these steps:
    • Open Control Panel;
    • Look for "Programs and Features";
    • Locate "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010";
    • Right-click on "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010" and choose Change -> Repair.

    After the repair is completed, you may restart Automation Studio™. Please note that this situation may occur each time Microsoft releases an update for Microsoft Office package.
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    This issue was fixed in version 6.4 SR3(ready for download on the support portal), this update was developed to resolve an issue with an update for Microsoft® Access®.

    Although the installation is optional, the benefits of this service release are noticeable for customers who have experienced problems with previous versions:

    • Detachment from Access® and its recurring problems;
    • Faster access to data (opening and saving of projects);
    • Decrease of the file size of projects.

    This new release requires to update each file that was created in an older version of the software. It will be done automatically when you open a file in Automation Studio™. To convert your projects, catalogs and custom libraries all at once to the latest version, we have developed a File Converter application.

    To convert your projects generated with version 5.7 to the new format, you must first save them with a version prior to version 6.4 SR3.
    Best Regards,
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