i-Design Integrated Manifold Design Tool

April 20, 2016 - Originally published in Mobile Hydraulic Tips 

HydraForce has released the latest version of i-Design, its circuit design tool. Version 5 of i-Design supports the trends toward integrated hydraulic systems, expanded use of electro-hydraulics, and greater global application of hydraulic manifolds and cartridge valves.

Keeping the Load Safely Hooked

(Munich, Germany ) April 4, 2016 - Originally published in German in Mobile Maschinen 

Simulating the winch control of a mobile gantry crane

Mobile gantry cranes are used to transport precast elements for wind turbines or bridges. For the design, a powerful software is needed. In this case, the control of the winch was simulated with Automation StudioTM. — Shaun Prince

Exceeding Automation Training Requirements with Real-World Simulation

(Montreal, Quebec) October 6th, 2015 

We are seeing an increase in demand for qualified technicians particularly within mechatronics and industrial automation. Schools who offer programs in these fields need to invest in large amounts of resources to train their students on the latest technologies used in these industries. Even with dedicated investment, students have difficulties understanding systems’ behaviours as they lack experimentation.